It's Raining Tantrums!

The last couple of days I have felt absolutely exhausted hence a lack of posting on here. I always seem to get to this point towards the end of my stays here in England and I am itching to get back now. I feel a deep seated need to get working, to get making new jewellery pieces and to put them online (I have made some sales since being here but being away for two weeks does seriously affect my business) and I want to get in to my old routine.

In the main our time here with my family has gone pretty smoothly although there have been its ups and its downs. There was the week and a bit of 5am wake ups but then a couple days in a row of 8am wake ups which is unheard of! There's been Milo refusing to eat dinner almost every night since we arrived close to two weeks ago but there's also been the joy at seeing him discover some new treats that he isn't normally allowed back home. One evening we decided to do a try out of my Mum putting Milo to bed as she was going to need to do it the following day when my dad and I went to see Stock car racing at Arlington and since then Milo has decided that my Mum must put him down to bed not just every evening but for his daytime nap as well. It's gotten to a point where this evening Milo got so upset by me saying ''it's time for bed'' and thinking that I was going to put him down for his nap that he burst into tears and ran in to my Mum's arms in the kitchen!

Today Milo has been absolutely exhausted and we've all felt it. His moods have been swinging back and forth at rapid rates and it's been straining to say the least. It is also starting to make me feel a little nervous for our flight back as well as the last time we flew back home he was in a mood like he is today and it was an absolute nightmare and left me in tears and covered in scratches and even a couple of bruises as he hit, kicked, scratched and head butted as I had to keep him on my lap for take off and he was one VERY unhappy bunny!

There have been some pluses to the last couple of days though. Yesterday we took Milo to the circus for his very first time and it went better then I could have hoped for. His favourite performance was of course the slapsticly violent acrobat who sprang from a diving board on to a trampoline and fell (purposefully) in to various uncomfortable positions much to Milo's glee. He managed to sit for most of the 1hr 45 min show and danced and clapped along to a number of the performances.


Today we ventured out in the rain to a nature park where Milo got to run at (yes AT) chickens, ''Moo'' at cows and squel in delight at a variety of other animals. There were plenty of tantrums in between but in the main it worked to keep him entertained despite his black mood.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that he'll be in a better head space tomorrow and even better for our flight Tuesday evening!



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