It's That Simple

There was a time when I wondered where my blog fit. The blogosphere has so many categories, but at first it just didn't seem like my corner of it had a niche.

But it did. There are lots of blogs that drift along, discussing bits of this n that - just sort of meandering through life.

Then I started to wonder, as I read the "this and that" of other blogs, how insignificant and pointless my words were. Was I really brewing up a batch of drivel and serving it up on my blog?  Do I HAVE a point? Am I striving to communicate anything specific to the world?

I don't know. Maybe? Sometimes?

So, what am I here for?

There are plenty of blog posts about writing for oneself and writing for the sake of writing. I do both of those things. But...but...I don't want to be out here all by myself! Who wants to write JUST for themselves? I guess there are people that do, and that is each her own. And really, I DO write for me, yet I also write to connect. I write with the hope that someone out there will 'get me' and want to continue reading 'me' and...and...maaaaaaybe even get so far as to comment and interact.  Even if they don't ('get me', that is), then at least I hope they keep coming back to marvel and shake their heads and wonder, "What the fuck??", all while experiencing a fit of giggles.

Yup, that right there...THAT. IS. WHAT. I. WANT.

I am capable of more and there will be times where I feel the need to fire up the serious cells in the brain, flex those writing fingers and dig a big deeper. But, truth be told, there are plenty of other bloggers that do a much better job of it.

So, I choose to *mostly* stick with the simple, substance free approach (substance as in: substantial material, not anything naughty -with the occasional exception of Bailey's in my morning coffee(s)...yes, plural).

I think it is the April NaBloPoMo that inspired me to ponder the 'weight' of my blog and what I'm trying to communicating here. There are so many blogs to discover, so many new voices joining the ranks daily, that it made me question whether some of my readers would stick around if I were not giving them meaty enough topics or giving weight and substance to my words.

And then I realized what utter nonsense that line of thinking was. Some readers will come and go, that is just par for the blogging course. But, my core group of readers will stick around, because there are enough serious bloggers to give them heavy topics and keep them firmly rooted in reality.

So, what am I here for?

I'm here for when reality gets to be too much, when that brow knits itself into a knot or when you feel that you are forgetting how to smile and *snort* a giggle out of your nose. what I'm here for and THAT is what I want to communicate to the world. (Except if you blow snot out of your nose while you *snort*...that ISN'T why I'm here. O.k. that isn't entirely true...that would be rather funny, but it isn't my GOAL.)

Happy NaBloPoMo Day 2.

This may have been typed under duress. Sometimes my brain and fingers don't agree and havoc insues. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means.

I'm usually found at think.


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