It's Springtime!


I've been procrastinating tackling the sunroom for quite some time.  My poor plants were very under-watered and needed tended to badly.  We keep the doors closed in the winter because since it has floor to ceiling windows, it's hard to keep heated.  So I neglect the poor plants during the winter.  Today, I trimmed all the dead stuff away, watered the plants, moved things around a bit and opened the Hospital for Neglected Plants.  From now till fall, they will recover, and even thrive for a while, and then the cycle will begin again-close the doors and forget about them.  Thank goodness my plants thrive on neglect!  Anyway, I'm glad I finished it, and now it's open for reading and storm watching.

                               My coffee corner

This is the scene of the crime, the DOG crime on Sunday night.  Now you know dang well for one of them to pee right there, they were mad at me.  Anyway, notice on the left hand side, kind of blurry, but it's there, my Blogher11 pass.  So many wonderful things have happened to me since I attended the conference last year.  I've had one of my photographs published with credit to me, in GO magazine.  I was not only featured a few times, but actually syndicated on Blogher!  Most importantly are all of you my friends that I've met here since I found chatter.  

But now, I will share my toe photo.  Sorry.  I know I said I wouldn't yesterday, but I want this to go down in my history.  (her-story).  

                              Stubbed my toe

It doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it should.  Lord knows I've had bigger owies in my life.  But anyway, this is the result of one of my innocent fur-baby's shenanigans!  It's pretty swollen but I can get my shoes on so I went out to try to catch some flower shots.


                   Bradford Pear Blooms

The buds on this tree are just beautiful.  They look like tiny fireworks, exploding in very slow motion.  Too bad the blooms are just for show, no pears grow on a Bradford Pear tree.


My tulips are just starting to bloom- in March! 

                   My Upper Garden 

When I lived in Pennsylvania, we didn't have spring there this early and there was real chance for an occasional April snowstorm.  Those are my favorite kind of storms, when you get a foot of snow on Sunday and then on Monday, it's 70 degrees.  However, some of our sayings back home are March:  in like a lion, out like a lamb and April showers bring May flowers.  That isn't true here, as the temps are much cooler than in PA in the spring.

                     What did the UPS guy Bring

                                           (see my packages on the porch?)

As long as I've lived in the Milwaukee area, we've never had flowers in March.  Not in my gardens anyway.  March can be snowy, or gray and rainy.  My family doctor has his patients take Vitamin D because we Wisconsinites don't get enough sunshine during the winter.   So this is my first Spring in Wisconsin.  Spring as in you need a jacket in the morning and shorts in the afternoon.   

                Tulip Garden



After I took these photos yesterday, I realized that the nurseries around town should be selling potted flowers now, just a week before Easter.  Potted flowers are good for taking macro shots inside in good light, where there is no wind, and I can chose my own bokeh.  I ran to Steins thinking I could get some potted flowers to put in the sunroom and eventually plant them outside.  My sunroom needed some flowers.


And I needed some stillness to make some art.  There wasn't much to choose from, but I did find this Ranunculus, which is one of my favorite flowers and one of the hardest to find.  Today I am going to check Home Depot, they usually have unusual potted flowers suitable for indoors around Easter time.  I really wanted some Gerbera daisies, they make such beautiful close up shots.    

                  Ranunculus Bud

This is the time of the year that you should always have your camera with you.  Actually, even in the winter, something could and will show up if you don't have it when you go for drives or walks.   

                 Lovely Lavender

Back to outside flowers! 


My bleeding hearts are starting to bloom!

                   Bleeding Hearts

The Bleeding Heart is one of my favorite flowers to shoot.  There are so many different ways to compose the shot.    

Well it's time to start getting ready to spend the morning with Nik and the boyz and I'm taking the good camera today.  :)    


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