It's teepee time...

Last August I wrote this post about wanting a cool outdoor playhouse of sorts for Violet and Henry to have in the backyard.  I talked of wanting some sort of fun wooden playhouse or of making them the teepee from "Growing up Sew Liberated".  We, instead, settled for a large cardboard box house that we made out of an old box and decorated with crayons and markers.

That box lasted for months actually, until one time it was accidentally left out in the rain...So, this Spring has brought these thoughts of playhouses and teepees and forts back to our minds.  In fact, I have a board on Pinterest that shows many of the different ideas that we have thought about...But, still have not done...

Some of that is due to cost, some of that is due to the fact that we have a fairly small backyard.  We seem to continually have some cool creative ideas but not the follow through, until this weekend.

It began with a chance encounter with bolts and bolts of fabulous upholstery fabric at a yard sale!  We were just minding our own business Saturday morning on the way home from swim lessons when we passed through a community yard sale.  We got some great deals, including the aforementioned fabric.   IMG_3510
I got at least 10 yards of this fabric for id="mce_marker"0!!  Oh, I definitely should have purchased more...but, I had to stop there, it was too dangerous!

On the drive home, after acquiring my new lovely fabric, the wheels began to turn...Where are those long sturdy branches that we saved when we were pruning our holly tree?  Oh, right, under a pile of ivy and other weeds behind the shed.  Alright then, first weed...

Found the sticks!  Next, make a teepee structure while the kids are napping/resting...I definitely needed Brad's help with this one, but it wasn't too difficult, it just require more than two hands.

Now, cover the teepee.  I wasn't quite prepared to use all of my new lovely fabric, nor was I prepared to start a big sewing project, so I went to the bag I made of unwanted fabrics during my reorganization a few weeks ago.  These are fabrics that were donated to me that I won't likely use and I intend to donate to someone else now, but haven't yet.  I found some large pieces and instead of sewing them, I simply tied them up.  So simple, but it works and will be easy to take down for washing when necessary.  I do like sewing, but I also like quick and sometimes quick trumps sewing! ;)   IMG_3536

That being said, it wasn't all sewing free.  I used some of my new fab fabrics and made some quick envelope pillow cases for three giant pillows I received from freecycle (man, I LOVE freecycle, did I tell you that yet!).   IMG_3528

And, just like that, when Violet and Henry woke up from their naps...they had a teepee standing in their backyard!  It was, not surprisingly, greeted with confused smiles! (they had no idea that that was happening!)  It's not perfect, but it's perfect for us...and, it was virtually free, which is perfect for me!!

Perfect for lounging...IMG_3513



Playing Peekaboo!




Reading, coloring, or just hanging out.


Plus it's big enough for all of four of us to fit in (okay, maybe squeeze in if it's all four of us!).  Yup, those are my tootsies :)


So far, the favorite thing to do inside the teepee has been to tell stories...imaginary Violet and I made up together was about two sisters named Alice and Pippa, maybe more on that later...

Also, hopefully this will help us to prepare a bit for our first camping in a tent in a few weeks!!

Thanks for the inspiration little yard sale!


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