It's Time for (Not) Back-to-School!

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[Editor's Note: Homeschooling parents may not be gearing up to send their kids on a bus, but they're still busy getting ready for a new year of learning. Michelle at The Parent Vortex shares about how they're gearing up for their Kindergarten year at home: getting school supplies, connecting with other homeschoolers and sharing (or not) about their status as a homeschooling family. For you other homeschoolers, how are you gearing up for the fall? -Jenna]

(Not) Back to School:

Colour Pencils-1It’s official: we are now bonafide homelearners. Come this September, my daughter’s age mates will all be marching down our street to attend kindergarten at the local school and we will be rousing our sleepy heads from bed.

One experienced homeschooling mom told me that the most difficult time she’s ever gone through as a homeschooler was the 2 weeks leading up to and following the start of school when her eldest was kindergarten age. Well-meaning friends, neighbours and strangers were constantly asking whether her daughter was excited about going to kindergarten. Nothing like defending your choice to homeschool 100 times a day to stress a mom out.

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