Listen to 'Who SheKnows,' a New SheKnows Media Podcast!

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Back in the day when blogging (and BlogHer) were relatively new, podcasting was already a thing. But then podcasting seemed to fade away a bit. As other social platforms rose and blogs stayed strong, podcasts were a little bit overlooked.

There were definitely a handful of prominent ones (including Girl on Guy, the podcast our Voices of the Year Emcee Aisha Tyler publishes), but a couple of years ago a new podcast came on the scene that seemed to signal a revival of the form: Serial by NPR. Podcasts are most definitely a resurgent media channel.

Listen to 'Who SheKnows,' a New SheKnows Media Podcast!

And now we have one, too! We've launched Who SheKnows, a SheKnows Media podcast, hosted by yours truly and designed to introduce you to the amazing women we work with every day through our various corporate programs, from #BlogHer16 to #ThePitch to #TheFWord (and man, do we like hashtags!)

We just released Episode #5. In these past five weeks I've discussed feminism with feminist thought leader Jamia Wilson, Humor with everybody's favorite Luvvie Ajayi, politics with women on the left and right, the power of personal narrative, and this week the power in crafting your perfect pitch with luminaries like Sallie Krawcheck and Majora Carter.

Next week we're talking about how some women are innovating the use of tech and social media to address mental health their communities.

It's good stuff, people: These women are badass.

So, what's my ask? Listen, download, subscribe, rate, or review, and share your feedback! I would love to hear from you. And if you want to pitch something for the podcast, email


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