It's a WO-Man's world

It`s a WO-man`s World

By Rhonda Chaney,   Throughout my professional life I’ve been asked about my experiences working “in a man’s world”.  Fact is, I like it. 

I can only think of one story that typifies the chauvinistic male attitude women a generation before me probably experienced daily.  At the time, I managed a national sales force of representatives.  I was young – a recent graduate of UCLA – and had only worked in the company about six months prior to the promotion.  Out of almost 200 reps, one was fixed on destroying my credibility.  I fired him.  Problem solved. 

Yes, my male counterparts have tested me, but I don’t feel it’s because I’m a woman.  I think any savvy businessman will test the waters prior to doing business with someone.  I don’t take it personally – and never relied on the “I’m a woman” excuse. Only the small-minded consider the sex of a person a factor.  Like different skin colors, ethnic backgrounds and upbringing – sex is a matter of fact, but not in predicting success. 

I’ll admit, there are times when I wonder how the male brain functions – and I know that’s a mutualquestion mark.  But while our differences are a source of amusement, I also feel they can be complimentary, resulting in big successes. To be even more transparent… I usually enjoy working with men more than I do women. 

Women are wonderful in many ways, however in the workplace women can be petty, manipulative, two-faced, gossipy and unnecessarily competitive. I appreciate that men can participate in a heated debate, and then go out for a beer together.  (Women can carry a grudge for years!)  I think it’s more productive to debate an issue, work together to find a good solution, and not worry about hurting feelings in the process.  Men are masters at that. 

Since we women have made so much “progress” in climbing the ladder, I predict the dynamics of business will change. Brace yourself.


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