It's your life. It's your illusion. It's easy to make it a good one!

We all understand the fact that we create our own realities. But, it is often harder to comprehend the extent to which the lives we create are our own illusions. Many people wonder why, if they are in charge of their own realities, their lives are not much better, why bad things happen to them or why they can't fulfill their dreams. I believe it's because they don't really believe in their own power to create those good things. They don't understand that they are creating things all the time with their thoughts. The problem is their thoughts are focused on their fears, doubts and insecurities. The bad things that we create or the negative situations we get ourselves into are a result of the negative thoughts we hold about our own abilities.

We often have thoughts like these, "I'm not good enough to get the job I REALLY want." Guess what? You'll never have the job you really want if you believe you're not good enough. "I'll never be able to afford the home of my dreams." Guess what? You won't ever afford your dream home with thoughts like that! You have just created these illusions in your life and now you'll be stuck in a job you don't like and living in a home that is not the home of your dreams.

We create so many illusions effortlessly every day. Think about when you decide you want to go to the store. You know with all certainty that you WILL get to the store. You do a bit of preparation, you hop in your car and you go. In a very short time you have moved from one location to another. You have gone to the store. You have created this illusion in your life.

Every illusion is this easy. The problem is, for those really big things we want to manifest, we don't believe in our abilities to create them as absolutely as we believe that we can take ourselves to the store. We know without a doubt that we WILL get to the store, but when we decide we want to be a famous pianist or CEO or dancer we allow our doubts to creep in and sabotage our dreams. All it takes is a firm belief, a little bit of prep work, certain and confident ACTION, AND an absolute trust on our ability to create that thing that we want.

Next time you have a dream that you'd like to manifest. Just imagine that you are taking yourself to the store. KNOW that you WILL get there. NEVER believe that you won't. Afterall, it is your illusion. Only YOU can make it what you want!

Go Diva!


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