I've Got the BlogHer12 Jitters

I'll admit it.  I have few real life friends.  Actually, I have two best friends.  My hubby and my daughter are my best friends, and they are 2 of the only people that I can completely unfold with.  And, if I don't talk around them, it isn't awkward.  It's ok, we can be chatty or we can just relax in each others company.

Now this major introvert (I wasn't always an introvert by the way) is heading for NYC in just a few days for BlogHer12.  BlogHer11 was strange and wonderful all at once.  I was just about completely on my own except at breakfast and lunch with my daughter. She had other things to do, other places to go… I was a newbie at the BlogHer conference.  And I was on hiatus from blogging regularly too.  Although I do admit I picked up and started writing a bit more prior to the conference last year.

I took the pledge

For me, it took until the second day before I actually felt comfortable opening up and talking to "strangers" at BlogHer.  That was the day I started handing out business cards and making friends (can you hear me baby boomers?), especially at the "Elder Bloggers" room.  So funny that someone changed "Baby Boomers" to Elder bloggers…we all had a good chuckle in the beginning of the session about the name on the board outside our room.
This year is going to be different, as I am actually going to know some people at BlogHer12.  Will I live up to their expectations of who I am?  Will they accept me as KarenLynn in person?  Will I open my mouth and something stupid come out?  What if these people that I've grown to love as friends on the BlogHer network don't like the person behind KarenLynnn?  
I'm nervous.  I've got the jitters.   

photo op with the Charmin Bear


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