I've got certain confessions to make , and I wanna get certain things straight .  I started a blog on Wordpress like 15 months back , and to be honest I kept that blog unused for nearly 13 months or so . Well , I did put up some occasional post , once in every few months or so . And then,  in time , I stopped visiting my blog , and I stopped blogging .  Here's the reason why - Self doubts . Self doubt if I really wanted to be part of the blogging world , self doubt if I would be able to satisfy the readers, and much worse than alll this , self doubt if I actually wanted to write at all . So , I quit blogging . But then , that didn't stop me from writing . Actually , I couldn't stop myself from writing . I wrote every single day. I wrote in my journal , I wrote random dreams and stories in my diary and I loved doing it . It took me took time to reazlize that I belong in the world of writers .

This might sound a little too much , but I want to be a great writer . Not a good writer , but  a great writer , and I'm not gonna stop myself from achieving that dream . So getting back to the story , after months of staying away from blogging , and after finally uderstanding that I can't quit  writing , I got into blogging again . On the same blog that I opened a year back , I started blogging with utmost consistency , and above all dedication . 50 days of serious blogging , and I should say I've got some really good followers on Wordpress now. Less in number , but since I've started only now , I know that it will take some time to catch up . 

Fast forward to 30-7-14 , today morning , I felt some sort of a frustration , and I could sense the self doubt growing on me again . I mean , hey , I though I was like completely over with it . What bothered me was that , everytime I sit down to write a blg post on Wordpress , I have to go with deep thoughts on what I should post . This doesn't mean , I don't have ideas on what I should put up . It's the contrary ,  , I have so many ideas , and I'm not sure what I should put to make people read my blog . I love , love books . I love writing about my favorite books , and I love writing about my favorite authors . But I just don't wanna stick my ass with just this one thing . Becasue I just love so many things , and I just wanna write about so many stuffs - books , music , various forms of art , celebrities , crappy news , fashion , lifestyle , sex , politics, education . And every time I sit down to write a post my mind goes , " Remember , people should love what you are gonna put up . It has to be for them . You are writing for them." Am I really ?? I mean , is that my goal?? To write for others .? Well , in a way yes . I do want more followers , I do wanna impress them . But then I just realized today , what I put up should impress me first . What I write should be my best , my own personal favrite work . What I put up should impress me first as a writer . I mean , I am the leader of my keyboard or pen , I am the leader of my computer screen and paper . And the main goal is to grow myself immensely as a writer , and for that I might as well write and post what I want . 

I have a voice . I have a very strong voice . I know that i have this strong personality , and given a chance I can talk or write about anything . So why do I limit myself??I can absorb a picture , or a quote , and I have the ability to write so much by just seeing a reading these things . I hate fear . And I'm so done being so dman concerned about impressing others . I know there are people will who don't live a life just inside one box , and those people will understand my voice . 

You guys mught think , this is a stupid issue , and why I'm making this a deal . Maybe because I have found my true passion only now , maybe I was scared once , and maybe  because I am not anymore . 

So , this is me, following my voice. 


Thank you for reading my post .  I hope you liked it . 


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