I've lost my MOJO!

  So what happens after you finally start to pick up some momentum on your blog?  You finally start getting views in the double digits every day.  You begin getting more comments.  You're getting some pretty nice compliments on your blog - and then it happens.  It all comes crashing down, and all of a sudden too!  Your number of followers may start to drop, or site hits plummet.  That's when you know you've lost your mojo.

  This very thing happened to me this week.  My writing blog had peaked at 39 hits one day and I was getting site views in the teens every day.  I was feeling pretty darn good.  And then my blogging world that I had spent so much time to build was crashing down.  0 site views one day.  Then the next.  1 view the day after that.  That was just a cruel joke. 

  So what was I doing wrong?  I had no clue.  I read the recent posts I had and tried to see what was missing.  Am I losing a bit of my voice?  Was I not being as engaging?  I couldn't put my finger on it, but I was convinced that I was obviously doing something differently that was wasn't working.  So I wrote a new post and tried to find my mojo in the process.  I thought I'd done it.

  I posted what I thought would solve all my problems.  I did the usual, tweeted it, went on some social sites for bloggers and plugged it here & there.  I had a bite on the line folks.  A very thoughtful comment from a friend and 11 site hits.  21 the next day.  Not bad.

  I'm still trying to make sure I hold onto my mojo and post something even better in the days to come.


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