I've Lost Something


I lost something special to me today.  My diamond fell out of my engagement ring.  I can’t believe it.  My hubby gave me that ring almost 23 years ago.  My heart has sunk and I’m so sad.  I know that it is just a diamond and that maybe one day it can be replaced.  But, it will never be the one that he gave me when we were so young.  Not that we’re old mind you!


It just breaks my heart to look at that ring on my hand and not see that sparkle there.  I felt so sick.  So now my ring is sitting empty on my desk.  And I’m having to remind myself it’s a ring and it’s not my fault.  Even my hubby said so.  I thought he would be so upset, but no, he just laughed and said at least the floor got a really good sweeping. He was trying to make me laugh because I was in tears telling him.  Then I had to tell him that we might have ate it, because I had just made turkey burgers.  If that’s the case, those were the most expensive burgers we’ve ever ate!


Everything was going great when I posted a few weeks ago and now Satan is trying to have a little fun.  But it’s not working.  My daughter was in a wreck, she was driving, and thankfully she is ok.  The van suffered minor injuries; at least that’s what it looks like to us.  Coaching our volleyball team has turned into a mess and I won’t and can’t say why right now.  But I haven’t given up on that either. Parents are just difficult sometimes, enough said.  My son has been having a very hard time with his asthma and actually had me a little worried last night after his basketball practice, but he seems fine now.  My youngest daughter has been through a really tough time thanks to volleyball; thank God that part is not because of myself or sister.


And now my engagement ring and it’s missing diamond.  Sounds really depressing doesn’t it?  Yes, I’ve been shedding a few tears over the past two weeks.  But, I’m also so thankful because everything could be so much worse and we’ve already been there.  So after a few more tears today, and much frantic floor sweeping, I am reminded to just breathe, pray and let God handle it.  He’s much better at it than I am anyway.  And in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”



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