I've started CrossFit - at a proper Gym !

I started doing CrossFit and Tabata's at home in January.  I went really well...... for about a month.  Last week I decided I just couldn't keep up the motivation, or intensity by myself. It's been years since I went to a gym and my memories are of snobby people, exorbitant fees and feeling like a fish out of water.  I hated it with a passion and vowed never again.  

But I follow a fabulous blog (http://www.thegreatfitnessexperiment.com/) and Charlotte makes gym going sound like such fun.  This time I did my homework and "interviewed" two gyms.  One was pretty close to home but had all the things I hated in previous gyms, too big and people wouldn't make eye-contact or smile at the obviously petrified newbie.  The second gym was it's polar opposite, small and friendly.  They even offered several free beginners classes so I could see if I liked it.  I did one and loved it !  The instructors are very patient with someone who can't even hang from the pull-up bar for more than 2 seconds and the other gym goers are encouraging and came up and bumped my fist with theirs (apparently it's a thing) to congratulate me on my work out.  It's a bit further from home (about a 20 minute drive instead of a 10 minute drive) but the environment is worth it.

I've now been 4 times, including the freebie class.  I still love it.  The workout last night I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do but with everyone's encouragement, and one person who stayed by my side, I finished it !  It's an amazing feeling that others I raved to didn't seem to get. I think I may have sounded a bit looney !

I thought I'd dust off this blog and chronicle my experience, for my own benefit and also for a little bit of accountability.  In mid-September I'm going to Bali with 3 friends and want to be fit.  My goal is to get down to an Australian size 14, a size I haven't been in years.

I weigh and measure the first Monday of the month and as at the beginning of June I'm back to where I started in January, which was a motivating factor with finding a gym.  So below I've included the pictures I took then because they're pretty much accurate for now.  I'll take new ones next month to see a difference.

I'll be updating after each workout and may include some recipes that I try and like.

Pop in if you're interested and leave me a comment if you like, otherwise I'll just assume that I'm talking to myself, which is fine too.


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