The Jackass Whisperer

I know, I know. Giving facts to far right numbnuts doesn’t help the situation because studies have shown that people just start denying facts when push comes to shove. Nevertheless, I cannot help myself some days. Days when bullshit like this pops up on my Facebook and triggers all my buttons:

duck dynasty bullshit

Considering that Phil Robertson’s comments are homophobic and racist and misogynistic to boot, I am not seeing him as a Christian ideal. Clearly, the Christ they are bringing back has no bearing on the real one, the guy who said zilch about gays or abortion. Nope. It’s the Conservative Jesus, baby!

conservative jesus

Anyway, I am perturbed enough about racist or homophobic stuff on my feed … I block like the wind … but when the festering anus pustule is given a glossy candy coating and called yummy Christianity, I go bezique. I cannot make myself not throw two cents into it. Or perhaps even a dollar fifty. Even though I am fighting people too dumb to spell "fishermen" correctly.

The chick who posted it has tried to do battle by citing Sodom & Gomorrah. I have been fact checking her ass and then cited Leviticus Chapter 10 where God himself commands Moses and Aaron not to let their hair and beards become unkempt. She is down to whinging off topic now, so I expect her to stop responding soon.

Although I could handle her conservative political views on my page (although Snopes was employed with lavish abandon), I am going to block her now because I will NOT abide support for this sort of discrimination and hate disguised as “morality”. Period. The fucking end.


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