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I received products in exchange for creating this review.  All of my opinions are my own.


Look what I just got!  I recently received a box of GOODIES and I wanted to let you in on some great tips on using them!

*HERSHEY'S KISSES:  I've been decorating with Hershey's kisses for decades!  Whenever I have a dinner party or any festive occasion, I throw different types of Hershey's kisses on the table for (edible!) decoration.  I did this for both of my sons' bar mitzvah parties, for all of the guests' tables at my wedding...literally EVERY occasion.  I had a birdbath in my classroom and it was also often filled with Hershey's kisses!  When a friend of mine needs cheering up, I usually fill a small gift bag with Hershey's kisses and give it to him/her. Doesn't chocolate make everything better?  So not only are they the perfect little chocolate treat, they're also super useful.

*BOOTS BOTANICS SHINE AWAY CLAY MASK:  I was really drawn to this clay mask as a natural "pick me up" treat and I'm so glad that I tried it!  I just put it on my face, waited for ten minutes, and then rinsed it off in the shower. Easy!  (The directions said to wipe "excess" off prior to rinsing the rest, but I didn't think I had any excess.)  This clay mask made my face feel so soft and wonderful!  Try it out yourself--you'll be glad you did.

Makes your skin feel so soft and wonderful!

Your men need their OWN way to soft skin...

VASELINE MEN SPRAY LOTION:  I live with three men and all three of them use products that say "made for men" on the label.  Well, here's one that they really liked!  Vaseline is a very well-known brand, and my guys were excited to try one of their products that was made just for THEM.  Not using more words than necessary (typical male!), my son said, "It's easy to spray and use.  Doesn't smell bad, either."

I used to flat iron my hair everyday...until I completely fried it and caused a lot of split ends.  I was scared to use a flat iron after that, but I tried John Frieda's Frizz Ease and I have to say that not only did it prevent me from having split ends, my hair is now straighter and more shiny!  Since my hair is super fine, I only used 5 sprays of this product (not the 7-15 that the directions recommend) on my towel-dried hair prior to using my blow dryer and flat iron.  I think my hair was actually already straighter than normal after only the blow dry!

RED ROSE SIMPLY INDULGENT TEAS:  Although I'm more of a coffee drinker, than a teetotaller, I did enjoy drinking these teas!  I tried the Lemon Chiffon and the Creme Caramel and enjoyed both of them.  I liked the fact that neither flavor was too heavy, although I don't really steep my tea for a long time. I went online and saw that Red Rose also has cinnamon streusel and peach cobbler flavors--definitely sounds like those are worth a try, too!

KISS LOOKS SO NATURAL LASHES:  These eyelashes look real!  If I would wear false eyelashes, which I don't, I'd wear these.  The package states, "Looks So Natural..." and these lashes really do!  Note:  I do not wear false eyelashes, because the one body part that I am truly happy with is my already-pretty-long eyelashes.  I have worn mascara five times in my life and don't even buy it any-more because I always forget to put it on.  If you wear false eyelashes, you should really check these out! 
This really does make hair straighter!
These really do look real!


Bonnie L. Frank


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