Jamberry Nail Review

I  was gifted this product, however all opinions are honest and my own. 

A couple of weeks ago my amazing friend Lyndsay mailed me a set of Jamberry nails to try out. They’ve become quite popular so I was excited to see what all of the fuss was about. Lynds has had gel nails since the day I met her in college (six years ago) so I knew these had to be good if they’ve replaced her gels!

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I’ve tried “press on nails” by Sally Hansen and Essie before, but they would only last a few days. What’s different with Jamberry nails is that you use heat in the application process to really seal the wrap on to your nail. That makes all the difference.

My manicure was totally done within about 35 minutes, and there’s no drying time! I can not express how important it is for me to not have to wait for my nails to dry! The nails can last up to 2 weeks on your hands and 4 weeks on your toes. I had one week with my manicure and did not have any chipping whatsoever. They only lasted a week because I was stuck in the ER for four hours while my husband was looked at after being hit by a semi. So, my way to deal with the stress was to pick at my nails. (Sorry, Lyndsay!) But, I can say with confidence that they would’ve lasted at least two weeks.

They’re easier to apply than you may think, and Jamberry includes all that you need in the nail wrap package!


Here’s what you do:

1. Clean nails with the alcohol wipe provided and push back cuticles.

2. Match nail to the best fitting nail wrap and remove from sheet.

3. Warm with a blowdryer for 3-5 seconds, until soft and flexible.

4. Press wrap onto the nail, sealing with the cuticle pusher. Make sure the wrap does not overlap onto your skin or cuticle!

5. Trim the top of the wrap with scissors and file excess using a downward motion.

6. Heat your nail once more to make sure the wrap is completely sealed to the nail.

And that’s it! Instant, beautiful nails that last. They’re more hygienic than gel nails, last longer than a polish, and you can purchase a lot of neat designs that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to paint yourself! One sheet has 18 individual wraps, and because you can cut them in half you end up with 3-4 applications.


Click here to browse the selection of nail wraps that Jamberry has. There’s so many to choose from! In the above picture I am wearing “Midnight Celebration”. Also, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail Lyndsay at lbrown@bigfootmetal.com. You can also order directly through her website and your Jamberry nails will be sent right to you! Pretty cool if you’re like me and live (almost) in the middle of nowhere!

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