James Madison University Coddles Rapists

Today, in things that should make you vomit with outrage, James Madison University saw a VIDEO of a sexual assault wherein the women is clearly not giving consent but decided to not to expel the rapists until AFTER they graduated and got their degrees. In essence, they will receive no punishment whatsoever. The woman who was assaulted has dropped out of school from stress & depression, but James Madison University can’t bother to give a shit about THAT.

The rapists, whose names are Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion (which I will be repeating repeatedly so any perspective employers find these asshats), are on video sexually assaulting Sarah Butters:

“The video shows Butters topless and being groped, while the men laugh and pull her onto their laps, trying to remove the bottom of her bathing suit. It includes audio of Butters saying, "This isn't okay, this isn't a good idea."

That couldn’t be spun into “consent” even by James Madison University, who found Sigma Chi fraternities brothers Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion “responsible for sexual assault and harassment in the spring break 2013 attack on Sarah Butters, and determined that they shared the video widely with others on the JMU campus in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The unusual "expulsion after graduation" sanction allowed two of the men to graduate on time in May. The third plans to remain on campus for his senior year in 2014-15. Butters' complaint to federal officials about the school's handling of the attack has prompted an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.”

Boys will be boys, I guess … and Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion were only indulging in a little sexual assault so why be harsh? It’s not like Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion did something really bad, like smoke pot. Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion only sexually assaulted a woman. I’m sure that Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion, like the rest of the patriarchy, didn’t think a woman was a full human being with bodily autonomy. I’m sure Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion though she gave “consent” when she trusted them as her friends and drank alcohol. Poor Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion – having to endure the stigma of being expelled from school after they graduate so that no one will know.

Perhaps Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion should contact George Will to whine about how Sarah Butters only turned them in to gain that coveted sexual assault survivor status? George has been making the rounds lately defending his attack on rape survivors, and I am sure he would love the support of such fine upstanding young men as Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion:

“According to Will, colleges are lowering the standard of proof for sexual assault allegations, and he’s worried that ruin the lives of young men. “What’s going to result is a lot of young men and young women in this sea of hormones and alcohol that gets into so much trouble on campus, and you’re going to have charges of sexual assault. And you’re going to have young men disciplined, their lives often — they won’t get into medical school, they won’t get into law school, and all of this,” Will said in the interview.”

Well, we wouldn’t want to prevent rapists from having positions of power in society, now do we? I’m sure the world would be a better place if men like Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion become doctors and lawyers or anything else that would put vulnerable women in their path.

Meanwhile, as George Will defends the likes of Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion, their victim “has decided to withdraw from the university. Her grades had slipped during the adjudication process, causing her to lose financial aid.” To George Will, that must not count as having your life permanently and seriously blighted as a result of sexual assault. Only men, men like Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion, have lives where the potential to go to med school counts. As a woman, Sarah Butters shouldn’t even be thinking about post-grad degrees anyway, I reckon good ol’ George Will would say.

George Will, enjoy the support of people like Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion. They are your brethren. They are your “kind”.


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