James McPherson's Media & Politics Blog

This blog considers issues related to the mass media and the political process, particularly as those two intersect. I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in journalism, history and political science, have authored two books, and am a university professor who teaches media studies, media history, and women in media. The blog is now two years old, with more than 360 individual posts. Among the highlights: In June 2008, a couple of months before either presidential candidate had chosen his running mate, I suggested Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. The day that John McCain took the lead in the polls for the first time was when I predicted that Barack Obama would win handily.


Primary topics are media and politics, not always in that order. I frequently write about issues related to women and media, and include more than 20 permanent links (including BlogHer) to related sites in that area (along with hundreds of other links). Thank you for your consideration of my blog.