Jane Addams' Hull House History Project

8th Grade History Fair: 

Zoe & Emma Did Great! 


So I mentioned yesterday on Facebook, I was busy judging the 8th grade history fair at Andrew Jackson Language Academy. It took longer then I expected so I'm behind in EVERYTHING. However I did want to circle back. The 8th grade history class taught by Mr. Sadoff  has a very large and comprehensive history project each year. This year it was events that changed the course of history in Chicago. The students worked on this project for about four months. After all the projects were turned in several students were selected for the school history fair. This fair is judged by parents, Local School Council members, adjunct faculty, etc. 

Emma and Zoe conferring with Mr. Sadoff,
super cool history teacher at AJLA

Each project is expected to stand alone... meaning the students are not presenting their projects. They must "speak" for themselves. Therefore, they need to be concise, succinct, and show knowledge of the subject matter as well as it's impact. The students did a great job... really I learned a few things about Chicago history I did not know. 

Zoe and her classmate, Emma did their project on Jane Addams Hull House. They also chose to do it in the form of a documentary... given I have a TV & film background I was just pleased as punch. Mind you, I did nothing with the project. I'm of the philosophy that my children's school projects are theirs NOT mine. I buy supplies, help if needed with taking pictures, taking them to the library, but I do not do their project. When Tristan did a George Washington project in 2nd grade - it looked like a 2nd grader did the project. However, I did buy him the cutest George Washington custom for his presentation. Same went for his recent 4th grade project on a favorite author. I printed out some pictures for him but he put together the presentation.

Love these girls, they worked hard on their project and showed great creativity. 

Anyway, they find out tomorrow the results of the history fair and if they go on to the city history fair or regional then from there nationals. I don't know if Zoe and Emma or any of the students will go any further however, they should all be super proud of themselves for being recognized by their teacher for their excellent work. 

If she and Emma do make it any further I probably won't find out until the night before. That's how I found out they made it to the school fair. Oh well. 

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