A Jane Austen Education Left Me Wondering

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I sat down to read A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz and was very excited to get started. I have been a long time fan of Jane Austen's work and was very happy when I had got the book to review; it came with The Complete Novels. With all that set aside, I curled up and expected to be engrossed in this book for hours. However, I was to be disappointed in it.

It took me a long time to read this book. I felt as I turned each page, that I was reading more so a book review of each book. I did not ever once understand the point or plot of this book. I understood that he was trying to convey to the reader how each book of Jane's changed his outlook on his life and how it affected him personally. I just never really got into him, his writing to understand it, to feel it. I did not feel connected to him as the character in this book or any other character in the book.

Some people may understand this much better than I. I usually am able to pick up on a book and not put it down until I had finished. This one I kept picking it up each day and more of forced me to read it. I would love to hear back from anyone if they could explain after they read it the plot of the book. I would love to have a better understanding of this book.


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