Jane of the Jungle ... A Feminist Book?

It occurred to me recently that Jane of the Jungle is a feminist work.

One reviewer (who liked the book, BTW) mentioned that it was not believable that Jane would be so expert at so many things, specifically that she would be a hobby pilot, a crack shot with a handgun, and a nurse.

If she were a male hero, would anyone have questioned that?

Now I’m a relatively quiet feminist. I just do my thing and let the chips fall where they may. I’m a good shot (not great) and an expert clinician (behavioral health), although I don’t (yet) know how to fly a plane. (Like Jane, I did have a high school boyfriend who wanted to teach me, but I didn’t like him enough to hang in there) All my life I have wanted to have adventures, and I have no doubt that if the situation were desperate, I could shoot someone without a second thought.

Most women live relatively dull lives, and most of them like it that way. Most people, male or female, like dull. But for those who don’t….why can’t girls play too?

And when they do, why don’t people believe them?


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