Sexism on SNL: Jane Pulls Back Curtain on Belushi's Misogyny

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Yesterday, Oprah invited some of the greatest SNL writers and performers of all time to chat in a fun little special.   But things took an oddly serious turn when OG cast member Jane Curtin couldn't control her MASSIVE EYE ROLL to Chevy Chase's spin on the "womens issues" that existed in studio 8H back in the days of Disco.

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[image courtesy of NBC]

From New York Mag's Vulture:

When the topic turned to women in the SNL writers' room, Curtin got serious, describing a generally misogynistic tone at the show during the early years, especially coming from John Belushi. "[John] said, 'Women are just fundamentally not funny,'" she recalled. "He felt as though it was his duty to sabotage pieces that were written by women."

You can check out the rest of the piece, and watch video of Jane laying it all on the table at New York Magazine's Vulture blog.   Which really, shouldn't be missed if you're a woman who's ever taken a crack at a comedy career.   But then come back and let's talk about it, because that sh*t was CRAZY!

What did you think of what Jane had to say? Sure made me re-think my own tax-season woes hearing that a working writer and actress couldn't get a credit card in 1975 because she was "self employed".

We've come a long way, baby. [Or, it babe?]


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