Janice Nickel

Senior Scientist of HP Labs

Dr. Janice Nickel is a Research Manager at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. She invented a unique programmable drug delivery platform – “Smart Drug Delivery” – which repurposes HP’s mature ink jet technology to address new markets. She catalyzed multiple business units in disparate geographic locations to develop component modules which she integrated into a proof-of-concept demonstrator. She created a full business plan, attracted investors, and transferred the technology and business plan to the startup Janisys, Ltd. Janisys is currently developing the technology in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Nickel is presently leading the Memristor productization effort at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Memristors are the fourth fundamental circuit element, lately reduced to practice. She is directing HP’s participation in the recently announced joint development with Hynix, as well as creating internal CMOS compatible memristor fabrication processes.

Dr. Nickel has 42 U.S. Patents awarded, over 40 scientific papers published, and numerous invited presentations. Her hobbies include traveling, photography, gourmet cooking, and making fine wine.