Janie looked out the window and watched the students cross the square, hurrying to their next classes.  Perched on her lab stool, she looked down at the implements in front of her. There was no other alternative. This…behavior, this deviance, this abomination…has reached our great land – and she had the power to end it right in front of her.

The lab had recently been updated, thanks to the Institute. Their inroads toward ridding the world of disease had been a God send, and their lab benefited greatly from it.

She fingered the syringe delicately, rolling it back and forth on its stainless steel tray, then wiped the tears streaming from beneath her horn-rimmed glasses. She couldn’t help but run the whole scenario over and over in her head.

His crystal blue eyes that lit up whenever she entered the room.  His attention, and smiles whenever she did something nice for him. 

“Coffee with two creams and a sugar, Sugar,” and then…the dazzling smile against the backdrop of his tanned, chiseled features.  William made her feel loved.  He made her feel like he was in love with her.

But that was before. Before she caught him in the arms of their Student Lab Assistant, Robert.

She’d heard about the deviants before.  In the Bible.  Men who slept with men.  It was disgusting.

It was disgusting that he treated her so nicely, and not really mean it. It was disgusting that he was always happy around her, and she wasn’t the reason for it.

She picked up the syringe and the tiny bottle of serum, plunging the needle and drawing its contents. 

They’ve already made significant progress on this serum’s genetic marker – it’ll be active soon – once they can overcome some of the immuno-deficient side effects.

“No matter,” she thought as she capped the needle.

“What does not kill you, makes you stronger.”


Og had been sitting quietly in a dark corner of the lab, taking notes.  But with Janie’s last statement, he looked up from his notebook and stared at her intently as she checked her eye-make up, fixed her garters, and smoothed her very smart looking, dove grey pencil skirt before walking out of the lab with the carefully encased sharp.

 “Huh,” was all he could muster.


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