January 22, 2013

My 365...

Today was Garrett's first day at Boise State University.  I am so proud of him!  He has been out of school for quite some time, but was ready to jump in with both feet and a full course load.  He and Kori both have full schedules this semester.  I know Garrett will do great because he is amazing that son of mine.  :)

Casey woke up feeling particularly motivated today as well and surprised me by cleaning his room.  I am always preaching that you can not have an orderly, organized life, if your personal space is a mess.  He finally  took my advice, and got his personal space in order.  He loves it too.

See moms, it may not seem like it, but our children are listening to what we have to say...every now and then.

Happy Tuesday.  :)

We are still below freezing here in Boise.  Current temperature at 4:00pm, 19°f.


I checked in on Blake while he was working on his Math this afternoon, and noticed that he has a new wallpaper on his computer screen.  It is a picture of his nephew Cooper with a mustache...lol!  Blake is such a great uncle.  :)

 I think it may be time to get a larger tea shelf?

***Doggy Daily***

Miss Lilly is sporting some new bling.  Blake found a Disney Princess Pendant in the garage, and added it to Miss Lilly's collar.  She loves it.

Music I am listening to today...as selected by Casey, thank you Casey.  Noah and the Whale , Give a little love.

Random Link of the Day...Pad Thai , my favorite Thai food.

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