January 27...For heaven's sake....CLEAN YOUR HOME!!!

Why do I find it so hard to post? 


Honestly I could come with a million excuses but no of them really j

ustify the slacking I feel in this area of my life. I am a FAILURE

on this month's challenge. But you know what I learned that in my

life right now....i can't post everyday and I am cool with that. Maybe

I should shoot for once a week and then try to add when I get my

hands fully on the wheel of my life. 


Lately I have felt like I am doing nothing but playing catch up. I

have had no time for anything other than cleaning. If I am not

cleaning up someone's empty apartment, I am cleaning up after my

family. Which if you don't know by now consists of a hubby, 13 year

old son, 9 year old daughter, 4 year old staffy/lab mix, 2 year old

rescued pit bull, 5 month old collie mix (all dogs are female too) and



And who do you think does most of the housework......YEP ME!!!.


I'm not a witch!!! LOL


Well up until 2 weeks ago I was always home. Now I am home during

the day Saturday thru Monday. Sometimes I get off early.

Sometimes I don't. It all depends on how nasty the empty

apartments are. Sometimes we get lucky and 2 hours tops on one.

Then there are apartments where you just want to walk out of

there all together. We had one that took 2 days to clean. I am not

joking.... The oven alone took nearly all day. I mean who the hell

keeps chocolate in the bathroom....THESE PEOPLE DID....it was stuck

on a shelf in the cabinet!!! I NEVER want to see a place like that



I mean REALLY.....how hard is it to take the time every once in

awhile to deep clean your home. I did most of mine this weekend. I

mean if you tackled 1 room a day for a week you would be set. Or

hell take one weekend and get that shit done!!! PARTY LATER!!!!


 When I say deep clean I mean....DEEP CLEAN!!! Hands and knees c

lean!!! Put your back into it clean!!! Bleach that bitch!!!


 Deep Clean

Wipe the Baseboards

Clean the windows

Clean the oven

Wipe the walls down

Dust the fans

Clean out the cabinets.... all cabinets

Clean laundry area (if you have one)

Dust Vents

Steam Clean Carpets.....if you can


Now deep cleaning only needs to happen every 3 to 6 months. It

really depends on how well you keep your home on a weekly

basis....Hell even on a daily basis or on how you feel about how clean

your home is.


I mean we all SHOULD know what SHOULD be done on a daily and

weekly basis......Actually I have learned that that statement is not

true for everyone. Some people have NO FREAKING IDEA of what

to do. And since there are some people out there like that. Maybe I

should tell you whats on those lists too.


I mean unless you like living in your own filth....Then go head with

your nasty self....keep it dirty all day everyday......do what makes you

happy.....Just please don't invite me over for dinner. I wont eat or

pee in your home. Honestly since I started working for my friend

cleaning apartments, I have had a nedd to deep clean my house.

Which I have been doing little by little these last 3 days. Today I

tackled most of it!! I don't know when I will get to the kitchen

and windows but they will be done by the end of this weekend.


Now every week, you should be tackling a few simple task that

honestly shouldn't take you more than a couple hours depending on

how fast you work. You see.... I am extremely lazy. I want to get my

shit done, so I can sit on my fat ass and read, watch TV. or hell.....

nothing at all. OK.... I am not actually a fat ass. I may be a little

chunky but I actually have a fat ass. And I don't mean fat ass in a

negative way. I just have a big butt.... always have, probably always

will. Definitely will if we keep getting 2nd and 3rd floor apartments.

Who needs squats when you are constantly up and down and all

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