January 9..13 years of Animated Movies Part 2....2006 to 2009


Well I’m back for the second time today. I told you guys that I would be back on to finally catch up the days that I didn’t post on here.


I have now officially played my games. I've got the chili cooking on low. I cleaned half the house. And I watched last night's episode of SVU. Still have a lot on my list of things to do but I am truly knocking them off one by one.


I told you guys I would finish the Animated Movies of the past 13 years lists and I am here to do the 2nd installment. So let's just get to it......



13 years of Animated Movies Part 2


2006 to 2009


Over the Hedge

This one is a riot.


Flushed Away



Everyone's Hero


 Great for that kid who's into baseball



Alpha and Omega


I really really like this one.


The Wild




Monster House


At first our daughter was scared to watch it. She got over that pretty quickly




Because of my nephew I have now seen this movie more times than I am

willing to admit



Open Season




Ice Age the Meltdown




Happy Feet


I love Penguins








Leroy and Stitch






Shrek the Third




Surf's up


Surfing Penguins, This was the first movie we took our daughter to see in the movie theater.



Meet the Robinsons


This is by far my favorite Disney movie. How could I not love a movie about a

child finding out in a crazy way that he will be adopted and he will have the

best family ever. It kinda reminds me of how I got the best family because of



Bee Movie


Every child should see this one. Teach your children the importance of bees to

our environment.






The Simpsons Movie


Well worth the 20 something year wait. Even through I have had to play catch

up on the TV. series since my parents didn't let me watch it.


Happily N' Ever After




 Madagascar 2




Wall E


Our son won't watch it cause he says the first 15 minutes is boring. But our

daughter and I did and we love it!!!





Superhero Dog. We love our superheros in this house.


Horton Hears a Who


Everyone loves Dr. Seuss


Open Season 2




Kung Fu Panda


If you believe you can, you will





I love anything to do with Tink. My friend even calls me Tinkerbell or Tink.








 This movie is a little strange but the meaning behind it is beautiful.


 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


If this movie was true, no one would ever go hungry.


The Princess and the Frog


First princess to work hard for what she wanted.


Aliens vs Monsters




 Planet 51








Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs





Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure







I love this one. Creepy and Cool


 I will bring you the last installment later tonight. Until then have a great day!!!


Happy Writing!!!!

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