Jay Leno's Assumption About Nursing...

The big blowout with the big boys of Nightime Tv Talk Show is old news; I get that. Even so, Jay Leno was seen in an interview not so long ago with Joy Behar and just recently,Conan O'Brian spoke to The Today Show basically saying How he felt Jay Leno and the networks screwed him over. I can't dwell on the misfortune/fortunes of these two giants of Nightime. In fact, I'm sick of hearing about it and would gladly forget about them, except for one thing that's been bugging me ever since Leno opened up to Joy Behar. Leno said something to the effect of how at least he & Conan had the priviledge of walking away from the whole nighttime shift change/time slot debacle with money, as opposed to nurses who only had a pension plan to fall back on...He also named either firemen, or, another profession of lessor financial equity, but, frankly, I stopped functioning as a whole person when Leno actually assumed that nurses retired with a pension! For clarity sake and for the benefit of all folks with millions of dollars to soften the blow of downsizing, tv shows changing time slots & economic crunch times and a need to place one of several mansions on the market? Nursing doesn't deal in Pension Plans, unless we work in Governmental positions at say a Veteran's Hospital...unless we've had monies taken out of our meager wages for a 401K, Pension Plan, Life, Health, Disability Insurances. Hospitals as such, are more than willing to offer these benefits, but, at a cost to the nurse.Privately funded & Community Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Rehabilitation Centers,in my opinion should be mandated to give their employees severance pay for all of their years of service-NOT! As a nurse, caught up in the trenches for helping to save lives, I'm not advocating getting something for nothing. But, on the other hand, taking a pledge to maintain life support for others shouldn't be looked at by celebrity & the richest making a top ten richest magazine list as, oh, well, at least they have a pension plan to fall back on. The reality? At the end of the day/the years of service & retirement? Nada... If the nurse wasn't prepared at the start of this profession buying into supplemental healthcare, life insurances, pensions (most nurses @ retirement age didn't) Medicare & Medicaid becomes their only financial backup at the ripe ole age of 65-67... Not to get it twisted. After 30-something years of nursing, yours truly have no regrets...Ok, there is one. "Can you say Severance Pay?" And Jay, if you ever need a private duty nurse? holla' or just write me a check!


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