#BendtheTrend with JCPenney Back to School

It’s Back to School Time! BTS is a time to show what’s new with the ever-changing “you”. It’s not about looking like everyone else, it’s about your take on the latest fashion trends. But it’s also about bending the trend of social negativity with an expressive spirit of support and positivity. With affordable clothes from JCPenney, there are endless opportunities to express yourself. Check out all the great selections made by the bloggers for their kids' BTS wardrobes and get a chance to win a $100 JCPenney Gift Card for your own BTS shopping trip!

Also, August 12th is National #ShoutOut Day! Who doesn’t love a shout out (AKA compliment)? They fuel self-expression. The more we receive, the more emboldened we become to explore our personal style and best school day selves. That’s why this Back to School season, JCPenney is starting a shout-out movement in hopes of bending the trend of judgement prevalent in high schools towards one of positive reinforcement. On National #ShoutOutDay, we’ll take to social media to fuel shout-outs as their pertain to style. We encourage anyone and everyone to join in on the conversation and hand out shout-outs to their friends, family and followers. Simply use #ShoutOutDay to jump in on the conversation. The hope is that that our efforts will create a snowball effect in culture, with complimentary behavior stretching beyond the world of style in the months to come.

The Sweepstakes runs from 8/10/15 through 9/10/15 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older (or 19 years or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck! 

4 Ways To Help Kids Bend the Trend This School Year

I took my teenaged daughter for some back-to-school shopping. We had a budget and one hour at the mall. I was afraid I'd created the perfect storm. But JCPenney's never disappoints. We had a blast! She loved the huge selection of clothes and trendy items. Every time I shop with my girl, I learn a lot about what's in style. I learned kimonos are a thing now. And of course, my daughter can rock one. She has a great sense of style and clues me in on what's hot and what's not (She explained jogger pants to me and told me Sophisti-Casual is one of her favorite trends (see kimono)....more

The Best Looks for Back-to-School!

One of my favorite things about the back-to-school season is finding all of the best deals on new trends for the fall. This year is the first year that I haven't procrastinated on my shopping, and I was definitely rewarded for it - I was able to find everything on my list at JCPenney and I found a few cute pieces that I didn't even know I wanted!...more

Teach Your Kids How to Budget With Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be frustrating for me as a parent. The girls bombard me with their needs and wants (sometimes confusing the two), they often want things that are unreasonably priced and that I know they won't really wear very often, and they get upset when I say no. This year, I am approaching things a little differently. They haven't understood my budget limits in the past, so I am going to give them the responsibility of budgeting the money. So, last week, I took them to JCPenney to start their back-to-school shopping....more

Back-to-School Style with JCPenney

I’ve mentioned it several times before, but Ada is starting universal pre-kindergarten this year. She’ll be in class for 2.5 hours each morning of the week. I honestly cannot believe we’re already enrolled in the public school system. It feels like a huge milestone. BlogHer recently offered me the opportunity to check out JCPenney for back-to-school clothing. You guys, I had to share this with you. I have a special past with the store specifically in the fall season. I grew up in a small, remote mountain town. The nearest mall is around an hour away on winding back roads....more

"Back" to School Shopping with My First Preschooler

I am absolutely in denial that I just took my first kid school shopping, but alas, it happened. And I think this will need to be a tradition to do a photoshoot in his back-to-school clothes. He's growing up, and every day he surprises me with what he knows. He's still testing me to see what he can get away with, but he's a sweet boy and he's so excited to finally be going to school. It was a blast to shop with my parents and to see him get excited about everything and to make it a big occasion for him....more

4 Tips for Back-to-School Shopping From a Mom of 5

Back-to-school shopping is something that I look forward to every year with my kids. By the time it hits August I've had a whole month to really relax and enjoy the summer so I'm geared up to get back to a schedule. I get hit by the organizing bug and one of the first areas I tackle is the kids' closets, just in time for a big back-to-school shopping trip. Over the years we've made back-to-school shopping a part of our end of summer routine and we all enjoy it....more

Back-to-School with JCPenney {win a $100 JCP gift card}

So. A couple of things to start this post. First, this is a sponsored post, but the opinions and experience are all mine. I only choose sponsored posts that I really feel will be worth sharing with you and that I can relate to. With that said, JCPenney recently gave me a little spending money to use on back-to-school supplies in my local store. With that in hand, my husband and I set off (sans kids) to see what we could do with it. We treated it like it was money we had earned, and therefore tried to get the best value for it....more

How to Make Back-to-School Shopping Easy

It is that time again: back-to-school shopping for new clothes. Even at a young age my kids know what they like. They like to express themselves in what they wear. My oldest loves new trendy clothes. He is now 6-years-old but even at 2-years-old he would stand in the closet to pick out his outfit. Whatever I got out stayed on the bed, lol. One of the first things to make back-to-school shopping easy is to pick a great place to shop. JCPenney has all things back-to-school. I love that they have clothes for all 3 of my kids in one place. This makes shopping so much easier for me....more

Bend the Trend with JCPenney + Giveaway

It's back-to-school time which means... new clothes! My boys are pretty different when it comes to their clothing choices and styles, we've found lately though, that JCPenney has a great selection for both of them and at some great prices! My oldest is very much a comfort kind of guy. He loves soft fabrics and graphic tees. He LOVES checking out the graphic tee selection at JCPenney anytime we visit. It's such an easy way to express your personality and interests when you're a tween or teen boy (WHY is he almost a teen?!)....more

Back-to-School Clothes

There is no way that I'm the only one that actually enjoys back-to-school shopping, right? The new folders, the super sharp pencils, the sparkly new shoes!! It makes me giddy! We recently did some back-to-school shopping and we wanted to share our styles with those of you looking for a little fun inspiration. Stella is happily modeling her "kindergarten looks" and, well, I wish they had these cute clothes in my size! First up, we have the early fall look. Here in southern California it's actually really warm during back to school season from August - October....more