Jean Review: New York & Company Soho Jean

Finally! A fashionable jean that’s comfortable too. 
-PJ Gach

We live in jeans. We wear them to work, on a date, and when we’re doing absolutely nothing on the couch. There are jeans that are cute, but uncomfortable. There are jeans that are comfortable, but not cute. Then there are 
New York & Company’s new Soho Jeans.

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Soho jeans are extremely comfortable. They run from size 0 to 18. There are (whew!) 36 new styles: Everything from high waisted jeans to boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans to leggings to camo to colored jeans. Each pair is made with this amazing combo of denim and spandex. The jeans hug your body in the right places, but you can still breathe. This is a huge plus. Two other huge pluses are the waistband doesn’t dig into your tum, nor does it gap around your butt when you sit down. I mean, does everyone have to see that you’re wearing cartoon cats underwear?

Soho jeans I have* the Soho Jeans Legging, Theatrical Blue Wash, Petite ($59.95, No matter how many times I’ve worn them, they still look new. I’ve paired them with a graphic tee and flip flops, heels and a sparkly top, moto boots and a tunic. Basically, whatever I wear with them, they look great. They also do nice things for my butt. But the real reason I decided to write a review about them after wearing (okay, living in them) for weeks is that they’re durable. Very durable.

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 The other night, I was walking down the street minding my own business. It had rained earlier, and the boots I had on had a rubber bottom, so I would have traction, right? Nope. Somehow, some way, I did a header on 86th Street. I almost did a faceplant on the sidewalk. My knee stopped the rest of my body from getting very personal with concrete.  I fell pretty hard. I know from experience that if you take a tumble, sometimes your jeans will show it. You might get a rip, a tear or they’ll just look like you slammed into something. The Soho jeans I had on didn’t get a scratch. Which is a good thing as I was on my way to meet up friends at a wine bar. Gotta love a pair of jeans that are on-trend, comfortable and indesctuctible. Heck, if I didn’t limp in, no one would have even known that I fell.

If you’re in the market for a good looking jean that’ll carry you from day to night, visit the New York & Company Soho Jeans section of their site. You’ll fall in love with their styles and their prices.

*I was sent a pair of Soho jeans from their pr firm.

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