Jennifer Maiser

I am the editor of, a place to share experiences sourcing locally grown and produced food. I am a San Francisco resident, and have encouraged thousands of people to pledge to eat locally since first hosting an online "Eat Local Challenge" in 2005. The site has been cited in dozens of publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, Time, the Associated Press,,, the New York Times website, Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe. Additionally, "The 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food" has been republished in over 100 locations.

My online life began in September 2003 with a website, Life Begins at 30, where I began to voice my passion for local, fresh food and politics. It has since morphed into a personal site for my food musings and photography.

I am a regular contributor to KQED's Bay Area Bites and Serious Eats and can usually be found perusing farmers markets around the Bay Area.

I'm honored to be on the BlogHer Food Politics panel alongside some folks who I respect and admire. I look forward to a spirited dialogue and learning from the audience.

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