Jennifer Aniston/Rachel Green:Girly Girl of the Month

Ah, Jen. Sweet, beautiful, charismatic, girly girl that you are.

I fell in love with you when you were Rachel Green on Friends. You were ballsy enough to leave a man at the altar when you knew it didn’t feel right, and worked your way up from a waitress to the fashion industry. All the while looking so cute with your “Rachel” haircut. You are so loved then and still loved today!!

I admire that you’re still rockin’ who you are today, even after an infamous break-up, then a few more break-ups, you were still able to star in films and show that you are a strong-willed woman. You look even more amazing and it doesn’t look like you’re stopping anytime soon!

I thank you for that inspiration!

So, Jennifer Aniston, no matter what character you portray, you will always be Rachel Green. You and your character rightfully deserve the Famous Girly Girl award for this month! Congrats! I love you!

What do you think of this month’s Girly Girl? I’d love to know!

Which character/movie is your favorite Jen performance??

I hope you have a great start to this week!




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