Jennifer Jo Fay's Poetry and Writing Sites

This is my first blog where I have been writing constantly about anything that comes to mind.  It will talk some about art and writing, but will be about so many different topics.  I love to write novels, poetry, articles and I make paperdolls.  I am also a mother of four children and love to write about them too.  I write about parenting and what it is like to be a mother.  I write about the past and my memories of all kinds of things.  I'm always searching for new topics to write about.  I guess if I was to describe myself as a writer I might be prolific sometimes.

I like to push my boundaries and keep my blog fresh.  I've been writing all over the internet this year and will be sharing links to other stuff.

So my topics would range from art, writing, gardening, family, life and everything under the sun.




I've got a new Mommie Dearest 101 blog too, but that one is probably only three weeks old at the most.