Jenny Eckton

Blogger, Dance Biscuit
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Jenny Eckton has been blogging at since 2005, and says, "I blog to write, to connect, to laugh, and to share evolving ideas and start conversations. Sometimes I'm funny." She grew up in New York and now calls Utah home, with her husband and six kids (5 alive, 1 in Heaven). Being at home with her kids is what she's always wanted to do, and that's what she's doing - she's like Cash Cab, without the Cash. Jenny writes about many things, including but not limited to: stillbirth, triathlons, being awesome, music, television ("DVR makes me a better mom"), and being addicted to gum and the smell of laundry detergent.

In addition to having written guest posts for a variety of blogs, Jenny is one of the members of, contributed to the book Something Cleverish, and was a speaker at CBC10.