Jenny Ingram

Jenny On the Spot

Jenny lives in the Pacific NorthWET where she blogs and vlogs about LIFE. With an over-sized humor bone, Jenny shares stories of parenting, family, food, non-sewing crafts, the occasional post about "running," the ever-elusive pursuit of balance, and then there's the vlogging.

Jenny On the Spot was born in 2004, and in 2008 Jenny discovered the magic of video blogging… more commonly referred to as VLOGGING (a word she is not particularly fond of, for the record). Today, Jenny enjoys bringing a mix of written and video content to the online space.

Her journey into vlogging has stretched and challenged her creativity and tech skills. Hits and misses with lighting and audio and editing and framing and "story boarding" has made the self-directed adventure more, well… adventurous. But she presses on. The opportunity to tell and share stories via video has opened exciting doors both personally and professionally.

Tempered with a heart for spreading laughter through storytelling... Jenny and her stories are powered by caffeine, sparkle, and the mania that only inadequate sleep can add.