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I've been staring at my computer trying to figure out how to explain Jenny Lawson's memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, to people who are unfamiliar with her blog, let's pretend this neve happened jenny lawson bloggessIt's difficult because I've been reading her blog since at least 2007, but I'm going to try.

Have you ever had a friend, or perhaps a friend of a friend, who has the craziest stories, and when she tells them you look incredulously at each other because neither of you can believe your childhoods were so different? Those are Jenny's stories, but she uses more swear words when she tells them. And you know that voice in your head that says inappropriate things and you can (mostly) silence? Jenny is not always able to silence hers.

While many of us would try to hide from these moments, Jenny accepts them and finds the humor in them. Anyone familiar with her blog will find themselves nodding along and giggling to the stories. So will people who have been previously unfamiliar with Jenny's writing style. The difference between the two is that those that were previously unacquainted with Jenny's stories will make the mistake of reading the book on the bus and end up laughing so hard that they scare the people around them to the point they move seats, which totally happened to a guy who works in my local bookstore.

If you've ever felt you've never fit in, Let's Pretend This Never Happened is the book for you. Lots of us never fit in, and Jenny reminds us that it's OK. In fact, it's more than OK. It's awesome.

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