Jermaine Jones Booted from "American Idol" for Undisclosed Arrest Warrants

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Last night on American Idol, the contestant affectionately known to fans as "the gentle giant" Jermaine Jones, was shown being unceremoniously booted from the show by producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick WHILE CAMERAS WERE ROLLING.

Oh wait...that's just what's bothering me about this whole to-do. First the facts, which started to emerge Tuesday evening after a (since-deleted) tweet from Jones reportedly read "Awww I will no longer b on the show".

Sure enough to the surprise of virtually no one, Seacrest opened last night's performance show by dangling the announcement of Jones' departure and continued to do so through most of the evening, until finally rolling the clip. Here's the lay of the land this morning according to BlogHer's own Stupid Celebrities:, the Smoking Gun reported that Jermaine is actually wanted in three separate counties for failure to appear on criminal charges.

Jones was arrested in 2006 during a drug bust, was cited for an open container charge in 2008 and in gave police a fake name in 2009. The singer was also arrested twice last year and gave cops fake names to avoid his outstanding warrants from being discovered.

See for yourself: Jones was wrong.  Like, way wrong, and it sounds like "gentle giant" may have been a bit of a misnomer.  But I don't seem to remember Frenchie Davis or notorious Idol bad-boy Corey Clark having to hear the bad news on national TV.  The stunt has a lot of angry fans crying "ratings grab!!!"

The news was leaking out of the Idol camp like a siv, and TMZ was reporting someone had been booted Tuesday night moments before Jones' rogue tweet.  ...And OMG WILL THEY CHOOSE THE TOP TEN TONIGHT!? HOW EXCITING! LET'S ALL TALK ABOUT IDOL!!!

Actually that's where it gets a little sticky. RICKEY breaks it down:

There is still a lingering questionhowever for tonight: Will there be an elimination? Back in Season 2, when Corey Clark was kicked off for lying about his criminal past, there was no elimination that week, but a double elimination the following week. If they did that this week, we would end up with a Top 9 next week — negating all the drama for the Top 10 — which is the cutoff for making it to the summer tour (and money). See what you did Jermaine?


What do you think? Kosher because Jones' broke the rules, or do you think the producers knew all along and used it as ratings fodder because don't they have whole teams of people doing background checks by now?!


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