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Margaret Brandwick-Kearns

09:50 -- 26 Feb 2010 UTC-7

Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael


The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: Educator

Ms. Brandwick has come in to give a formal statement on the incident that occurred this past Saturday night, at her apartment complex located at 2610 Hwy 36 just outside Young American Ave.



JC:  Good Morning, Ms. Brandwick, thank you for taking the time to come meet with me this morning.

MK:  Oh, no problem. However, like I just told you, I reported everything to the first officer on the scene already. I’m not sure how else I can help.

JC:  You did, yes, and it was very helpful. The reason we’re here today is to just get your statement on record and then, if I could ask you a few more questions surrounding the case, I would be very appreciative.

MK: Sure. Okay. Shoot.

JC: <pause> “Shoot?”

MK: Yes, go ahead. I’m all ears.

JC: Okay. So the report submitted by the officer – wait, ahm…I’m curious… Why – Why did you choose the word “Shoot” just now?

MK:  Ahm. I don’t know. I say it all the time. <pause> I didn’t mean to offend, sorry.

JC:  Okay. <unintelligible> The report says that you were walking North on Division to your apartment.  Is that correct?

MK:  Yes, that is correct.

JC:  Hmm. Well there’s a little problem with that – as Division runs East and West.

MK:  Oh – well, I’m not very good with directions, and I had JUST moved in. How about, I was walking past the line of carports, toward the dumpsters at the corner when I heard gunshots, does that work?

JC:  Okay, yes – that will work. Amending the report now.

MK:  This, this all sounds weird to me.  Could you be more specific as to why I’m here?  I kinda feel like I’m on trial. <laughs>

JC:  Relax. This will all be over before you know it, I promise.  Next question – I understand that you had just moved into the neighborhood two days prior to the shooting.

MK:  Yes, that is correct.  I had just ended a relationship, and needed to move out, fast.

JC:   Well, based on the report your new roommate made, your new apartment is located just above the “alleged” crime scene.

MK:  Yes, although it was very dark – I told the police officer all of this already. And what do you mean “alleged?” I heard the screaming, I heard the gunshots – I saw two people running, and someone slumped against my building. I ran to get help. The end.

JC:  Why didn’t you stay with the victim, and use your cell phone?

MK:  Well, I was scared, my first thought was to get to safety. And, my phone, it was dead.

JC:   Well, based on the report your roommate made, you told her this could constitute a “hate” crime. You told her in the when the police showed up that before the gunshots there was yelling, and someone was screaming the word “fucking Dyke.”

MK:  Well, yes – but, whoever got shot, left – so, I’m not sure if the actual shooting would be considered a hate crime.


The Lieutenant paused to pull out his cigarettes and light one.


JC:  And the two guys running away, they were white?

MK:  Yes, both of them.  Shaved heads, all tatted up with crosses and the like. I am guessing Neo Nazi or something similar.

JC:  Okay, this is curious. The report says that the assailants were two African American men of African descent.

MK:  Um. Aren’t all African Americans of African descent? <pause> No – they were both white.  I told everyone, my roommate, the police that showed up to the scene – everyone knew what I saw.

JC:  <pause> So, you’re saying there were no other witnesses, the perpetrators were white, the victim ran away and now you’re NOT SURE this was a hate crime. Okay. <pause> I think I got it.

MK:  Well, I don’t know – now you have me wondering.

JC:  Well, this is easily solvable.  Are YOU a Dyke?

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