Jill Krause

Creator, Baby Rabies

Jill Krause began blogging at BabyRabies.com 7 years ago, when her baby fever became serious.

Since then, she's been recognized by Vogue, Time, and Babble for her writing on her blog and across social media. She's been featured on the Huffington Post and HLN.com, and has been a guest on Raising America and News Now. She's also a regular contributor for The Broadcast- a lifestyle TV show in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.

Jill also speaks to audiences around the country about the power of giving yourself permission to change as a parent, blending her extensive background in public speaking with motherhood.

She's passionate about capturing big and small moments through the lens of her camera, and is always working on improving her visual storytelling by learning all she can about the craft of photography.

All that glamourous stuff said, she mostly smells like sour milk, and thinks a trip to Target with 3 kids is the equivalent of a hike up Mt. Everest in flip-flops.