Jillian Michaels called size acceptance WHAT???

I've watched several seasons of The Biggest Loser over the years. I always admired Allison Sweeney for being part of such a successful show after all of her years as scheming Sami Brady on Days of our Lives. I was fascinated by the concept of these people locking themselves away in a retreat to concentrate on one and only one goal, losing weight. I grew to admire Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as I watched them drive people to do things they never imagined they could do. They believed in their team members even when they didn't believe in themselves, and that belief and that driving led to the pounds melting away in puddles of sweat and tears.

My admiration for Jillian Michaels is over now. First, The Biggest Loser became something so out of touch with reality that it wasn't even worthy of the name. Then, there were the multiple lawsuits filed in 2010 that asserted that many of Jillian's products contained dangerous ingredients. Then came the wretched reviews for her caffeine loaded "cleanse and burn" pills. Now comes the final straw, at a recent media event, Emily McCombs, executive editor at xojane.com, asked Jillian a very important question. The transcript of their discussion is below.

XO Jane Reporter, Emily: A lot of our readers are really into size acceptance and Health at Every Size. Your brand is so aligned with weight loss, I just wonder how you feel about exercise for fitness vs. exercise for weight loss.
Jillian: I don’t even really know what that means. I’ll define health for you. If your cholesterol is good, your blood sugar’s good, your blood pressure is good, that to me is healthy. I believe that you should accept yourself as every size. But I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that you’re physically healthy at every size because you’re not.
And I also don’t believe that even though you might be 100 pounds overweight, you’re going, “Oh I’m good the way that I am.” BULLSHIT. I don’t believe that you don’t wake up in the morning and feel uncomfortable in your skin. I don’t believe that you don’t feel insecure when you pick your kid up from school. I don’t believe that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re naked in front of your husband or your wife for that matter. I don’t believe you.
Wow. Ok, where do I begin? Clearly she has lost sight of the overweight little girl she used to be, that she cannot even comprehend how it could be possible to pick up my child from school without feeling uncomfortable, or get naked in front of a lover. Well, Jillian, I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. I am more than 100 pounds overweight and I am sitting in the teacher's lounge at school today in my pajamas. It's PJ day, and I am wearing short yoga pants and a clingy top. Objectively, there are fat bulges on my stomach, thighs, and ass, and this outfit is NOT designed to conceal those. You know what, though? I am fine. I have suffered for most of my life from crippling social anxiety disorder, and I am sitting in a public place in my pajamas. 
Why? Because I am accepted here. They accept me, and I accept myself. Could they accept me as easily as they do if I was constantly bitching about how I hated my body? I doubt it, because who wants to be around someone like that? They accept me because I work hard, do my job well, led a friendly ear when they need one, and smile even when I'm preoccupied or tired. 
So, Jillian, you are wrong. And mean. In her article, Emily stated that you rolled your eyes at the mere idea of size acceptance, and that you told your exercise class that you were going to go out and kill the first person who wasn't raising their elbow high enough. You do realize, don't you, that a single mother with three small children does NOT have the luxury of taking a weight loss retreat?  I am lucky if I have the luxury of time for a daily shower. And don't get me that crap about how I have to "make time for myself". My kids come first. I do the best I can with the time, money, and energy I have. And I still am able to love myself.
I am going to lose weight, my supplements will help me, my active lifestyle will help me, my extra fruits and veggies will help me, my kids will help me. What will NOT be helping me is anything promoted or sold by Jillian Michaels. You, Jillian, can go to hell.

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