Jim Lin

VP, Digital Strategist/Ketchum PR

Jim Lin is a VP, Digital Strategist at Ketchum PR. In addition to relishing the fact that he gets to legitimately hang out on Twitter all day, Jim’s job is to push the boundaries of digital and social media to ensure that his clients break through the chatter to become the conversation, whatever or wherever that may be. Jim’s professional background encompasses over seventeen years of business development, marketing, and public relations experience, where he’s done everything from launching companies like Fiji Water, to helping Los Angeles County track child abuse treatment, to stalking Johnny Cash during a sound check.

On the personal side, Jim is the blogger behind the popular Busy Dad Blog. To the outside world, his blog is a repository of anecdotal parenting adventures with his two kids; to Jim, it is a roadmap that helps him piece together where he's been the past couple days, when he suddenly wakes up drooling and disoriented in his office. As BusyDad, Jim has worked with numerous consumer brands on campaigns as well as ambassadorships, including Huggies, Vicks, and Zatarain’s. He is also is active in conference circles, having served as a speaker/panelist at BlogHer, BlogWorld, Blissdom, Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit, Type-A Parent, Bulldog Reporter, and PR Newswire. Of course, he’s most proud of being a two-time BlogHer Voices of the Year honoree.

Having maintained a strict “separation of blog and state” throughout the past seven years, Jim’s position at Ketchum represents a bold new, oftentimes scary world to him. His personal and professional lives have collided head-on to form a single identity that’s the same online and off, office and home.

While this gives him the unique insight to develop campaigns from the perspective of both the marketer as well as the target audience, he can no longer tell his readers he is a ninja operative for the government – and his colleagues know of his undying allegiance to Princess Leia.

A native Bostonian, Jim holds a BA degree from Harvard University, a black belt in Shotokan Karate, a few Muay Thai trophies, and a whole lot of bumps and bruises to show for it… actually, those are from his kids.