JJ Cole BundleMe - the innocuous threat

It's winter! You worry about your baby getting cold! Your technician told you not to secure your child into their seat wearing bulky winter clothes or buntings. Is the JJ Cole Bundleme the answer to your infant heating problem?


It seem innocuous enough, but using a bundleme or other brand similar item can put your child in danger? This item is not crash tested in your car seat (despite the company's claims - they tested one seat with no details on if all harness positions were tested etc - suffice to say, it is not tested. There are also no testing standards by which to measure this item against to say whether it is safe or not).

The bundleme adds an additional layer between the child and the seat.

The bundle me interferes with the harness.

What should I use to keep my child warm instead?

Here's what I use for Taran:This is a 'shower cap' style of infant seat cover - it goes over the top of the infant seat, not between the child and seat and does not interfere with the harness in any way. I also use a little blanket over his legs (I am in the frozen north, you know where it was 6 degrees this morning).

This one above happens to be from Lands End, but there are other manufacturers of similar items.

OK - so someone bought you a Bundleme - how can you use it safely? Well, there is an option and it involves a pair of scissors.

Basically cut out the fabric which would sit between your child and the seat - this also conveniently gets rid of the opening which interferes with the harness.

And I will continue to put my blinkers on as I walk through the mall and every D**N infant seat I see has one of these things in it! LA LA LA LA LA - no, it's not happening if I don't see it!

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