JLo and Marc Anthony Split. Is Anyone Surprised?

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So Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are splitting up.

I'm going to be honest when I say that I never understood why they got married in the first place. Then again, I'm still not over the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston split. They were the perfect couple! I'm hoping against hope for a comeback marriage for those two.

Frankly, Jennifer Lopez seems like the kind of girl that wakes up, admires her collection of diamonds and says to her mirrored reflection, "I am Jennifer Lopez. I love you Jennifer Lopez. And now the rest of the world, you will all bow down to me." Frankly, I'm surprised the woman didn't pull a Dennis Rodman and marry herself. Then NONE of us would have been fooled by the rocks that she bought.

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Does anyone else remember when she dated Ben Affleck and he went from being the kinda guy you'd see at the bar, wearing a rugby shirt and baseball cap to a polished, sorta waxy version of himself. I half expected to find out that Ben Affleck had actually died and J. Lo was dating his wax figure. Thankfully, I was later disproved when Affleck went back to wearing his ball cap and rugby t-shirts. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were such an unlikely pairing. Always an Affleck fan, I was fairly relieved when their 2003 marriage was cancelled hours before the ceremony.

When she married Marc Anthony, I realized this was kinda a marriage made in heaven. A week after his divorce to supermodel Dayanara Torres - and rumors surrounding their rocky relationship - he married J. Lo. Who, at the time, I think was still known as J. Lo.

The rumors around their relationship were pretty...intense.

Personally, I had a hard time imagining J. Lo bowing down to anyone but a gigantic pile of diamonds and hundred dollar bills, but apparently, for someone who looks a bit like a garden gnome, Marc Anthony has a way with the ladies. He controlled much of what The Mighty J. Lo did. Marc Anthony seemed to fancy himself a control freak who made a pest of himself demanding to oversee all of her movements on the Monster-In-Law acting set. He insisted that the Jenny from the Block video be pulled from MTV's circulation because it featured J. Lo and Ben Affleck.

(not sure I can blame him there...Affleck was kissing her actual butt in the video)

Lopez also pulled a P. Diddy and went back to being known by her full name, "Jennifer Lopez" as she reinvented her career.

Now that she's an American Idol judge and (now) the single mother of Anthony's children, who knows what will come next for Jennifer Lopez. Perhaps she can use this as a way to tell the world that single parenthood isn't so bad.

And as for Anthony, I'm certain he'll be back and married to someone else any day now.


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