Joan Rivers Reality: A Component Of Emptynester Lifestyle Change...

Joan Rivers by David Shankbone NYC 2010

I was watching the premiere of Joan and Melissa Rivers new Reality TV Show, airing Tuesday nights on We TV Channel. The show called Joan & Melissa; Joan Knows Best, centers around Joan moving from New York to live in California with Melissa and Cooper, Melissa Rivers 10 year old son. While watching the show, I was struck first off by the accumulated wealth garnered by this comedic icon over the years... Next, I was pondering how much this lifestyle change might affect the mother and daughter relationship dynamic, now that Joan was actually moving in with her daughter, Melissa. The viewers get to see the reactions of Joan and Melissa's friends and employees about the obvious change in the two women lives.

Some of Joan's friends, including her bff have their doubts that mother & daughter can actually survive living together. The move on Joan's part, seemingly appears the most jarring. Due to the fact that Joan Rivers had lived in New York for 20 plus years. That her businesses & friends are her New York roots and taking into account that Joan Rivers is renting out her properties to other folks for 5 years? in essence her Joan Rivers brand, must be a hard decision to arrive at.

The Show is a Reality Show and seemingly came about because of Joan Rivers wanting to be a part of her daughter's and grandson's ilfe. As women age, we tend to want to be closer to those we love. Apparently, it matters very little who you are, or what you've accumulated or even, how well known you are. To be alone and separated from family can be a daunting and a very lonely existence. Joan Rivers at seventy-eight years old, most definitely need her family close; near and dear to her heart.

Making the Reality Show is only a fraction of what viewers are actually seeing. We get to see a woman coping with a huge lifestyle change. We get to see a family, involving two strong women, trying to reconnect while co-existing in the same space, if only for a couple of weeks until Joan buys a new house in California. We're going to be entertained, no doubt, because Joan Rivers is gonna make it do what she do. I, for one, will wish the very best for Joan Rivers as she begasn another phase of living life experience... 

Image Credit: David Shankbone


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