Joanne Tombrakos

Storyteller ~ Consultant ~ Digital Evangelist

Joanne Tombrakos is a Storyteller, Consultant and Digital Evangelist who blogs on demystifying digital for business and life at

Joanne works with individuals as well as corporations to better understand this beast we call digital. Her programs are designed to inform, educate and offer practical tools and training to keep you, your staff and your business digitally relevant and marketable. Topics range from Digital Marketing 101 - The Broad Strokes to Selling In The Age Of The Educated Consumer.

She considers herself a creative entrepreneur and is the self-published author of It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life and a novel, The Secrets They Kept. Joanne contributes to The Huffington Post, ForbesWoman, and BlogHer. A two-time career reinventor, her previous incarnations include teaching in the public school system and sales and marketing positions for CBS and Time Warner.  She is also an Adjunct Professor in Digital Marketing at NYU with a passion for beaches, good wine and laughter.