Job Hungry – Part 2

In Part One of the ‘Job Hungry’ strategic planning process I asked you to identify your top three career ‘Yeses and No’s’. Let’s assume you have completed that exercise and you are ready for your next action step.

Remember the fun part of ‘Job Hungry’ is there is no pressure to make something happen immediately. You are presently employed and you are empowering yourself by being proactive and sourcing a new position, so have lots of fun with this exercise.

In Part Two, I am inviting you to complete what I call ‘Priming The Pump’ exercise. I suggest you create a simple plan that will help you to shift from thinking ‘big’ picture to having more of a detail focus to dive deeper into the aspects of your new dream job.

Ask yourself the following questions. Are you willing to:

1. Identify the specific job or career you want to grow and thrive in?

2. Source and attend social networking event that attracts the type of people you want to connect with vs. telling yourself you don’t have the experience or connections to attend a particular event?

3. Get clear about the industry or sector you would like to work in vs. believe that you do not have any transferable skills?

4. Manage people vs. be an individual contributor?

5. Source the type of manager that is inspiring and supports his/her team members to succeed?

At this stage you should have a good idea of the type of new position or career move you want to explore. Take the time to research the type of companies you are interested in, utilize LinkedIn to source information on employees who have worked for the company for more than six months. Then check to see if the company has any job openings, if so, contact an employee who works in the department you are interested in joining.

FYI – a number of companies offer current employees financial rewards for referring a new hire to the company so this could be a win-win if they see you as a future asset to the company.

Good Luck