Job Review for Bullied School Bus Monitor - Fail

Fasten your seatbelts because I'm gonna' be the douchebag today.  All buckled in?  I've got my helmet, Kevlar vest, and athletic cup on.  Ok, here we go...

I live in Rochester, NY, which is home to the suburb of Greece which spawned the viral video sensation of Karen Klein the bus monitor and the four foul mouthed moppets "bullying" her.  I thought the children were disgusting.  But it was obviously a game amongst them of "can you top this" with the most shocking and disgusting insult to Karen.  It was inexcusable, deplorable and those kids should be kicked off the bus permanently and made to deal with their angry parents who will have to take time out of work to cart their asses around.  As a parent I know that would be the most effective punishment for my kids.  Hell hath no fury like a parent who has to take time off of work for something that could be avoided.

(Working parents, tell me if you haven't asked the school nurse when they call you at work, "Is the temperature really that bad?"  "Well you stopped the bleeding already didn't you?"  "Send her back to class and if she comes back again, I'll come pick her up".  Because you all know time off work is money or sick pay or co-workers or boss bitching about "Madge is always shirking her responsibilities because of her constant sick kids"  bullshit.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't.  I digress.)

Here comes the douchebag part...  How the hell does this warrant over $600,000 (last I checked) in reward to her for not doing her job?!!!!!  Yes, yes those kids were awful but she's the adult!  Isn't it a bus monitors job to keep order, not just ignore kids and sit in the seat and attempting to ignore them?  It was reported that this wasn't the first time this happened and she had never reported any of the bad behavior, which according to my research is part of her job duties.  Also, when I was a kid we couldn't even talk loud on the bus!  If there was a group of us getting a little rowdy, the bus driver would stop the bus and split us up.  Why the hell did this woman not tell them to stop talking and recording or she would report them?  Why did she not send them to four different seats far apart and tell them to behave? 

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