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Introducing cotton comfort and curve control in shapewear styles that smooth, slim and stun -- all day, every day. Want even more? How about low-rise cheeky panties in eye-catching prints and fab colors.  All of these amazing "Major Must Haves"  are from Jockey, preferred by Rachel Zoe.

We sent some of these terrific undergarments to bloggers to try and and see what they thought.  Click on the links below to read their very candid reviews. Each blogger is also giving away a $100 Jockey gift card so be sure to visit them all and enter for your chances to win -- you're going to want to get some of this for yourself!

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Muffin Top, Rachel Zoe & Shapewear: Things that Make You Say Bananas.

I've never worn shapewear. I've never really needed to wear it. And honestly? I've never thought that feeling like I needed an oxygen tank on my night on the town was worth looking skinnier. But then I became a Mom of 2. And that Mom pooch got a little errr, looser. So I bought a shapewear tank, wore it once and thought I was going to die. Literally. Not the Rachel Zoe kinda die, either. Yes, I looked flatter. No, it wasn't worth it. But I decided to give shapewear another try. I mean, anything that Rachel Zoe calls a "Major Must Have" is worth giving a shot. ...more

Jockey review (Rachel Zoe must-haves)

Jockey recently sent me items from their new Shapewear Collection preferred by stylist and designer Rachel Zoe to try on and review. I love free stuff (and there's a gift for you at the end!) so I was all, Free Undies? SIGN ME UP! As a woman of Indian heritage, I should start by saying that the body type most of us women like (and have) differs slightly from what mainstream Americans in the media and Hollywood applaud. In American culture being “svelte” is obsessively sought after while a woman's curves are equal parts sexy and fodder for comedians. ...more

I Look Sleek, Curves Still Intact!

Well, I've finally hit that body shape. There's extra blubber in areas where there shouldn't be. I have a muffin top no matter what pants I have on. The love handles are annoying to look at and they simply refuse to disintegrate. Jockey by Rachel Zoe just sounds like a cool brand. They take the boredom out of a brand that seems like it's for 4th graders or 60 year olds. But the fact that this collection is preferred by Rachel Zoe? Come on, that’s a winner right there. I don't know much about the hype for her show, as I've only seen a couple of episodes....more

Rachel Zoe’s “Major Must Haves” from Jockey

No matter what shape or size you may be, there is something wonderful about wearing a good piece of shapewear. Having the right undergarments as the basis of your attire not only helps you to look polished and put together, but they also create confidence. Jockey recently partnered with Rachel Zoe to create a new line of shapewear and intimates called "Major Must Haves," and I was very eager to test out the curated products they put together!...more

Rachel Zoe + Jockey Shapewear! ($100 Visa card giveaway!)

Confession: I had never even considered shapewear before. Not once. I never really saw a need for it. That was... up until now - Post pregnancy baby bod. Suddenly the need is there. And it's there BIG TIME. Look, I'm so proud of what my body was able to accomplish in those glorious nine months. I'm so in love with the perfect little boy body that I somehow miraculously created from my own. But I'm ready to feel like myself again. I'm ready to feel fit, sexy, in control and into all that fabulous fashion again! I'm working hard at it....more

Law and Order: VPL Unit

Fashion crimes are committed daily on the mean streets of New York City.Undergarment-based offenses are considered especially heinous. Gwyneth and I witness these tragic felonies all-too-frequently. As your dedicated detectives, we've investigated these vulgar crimes and are reporting today with solutions to bring some order to the laws of momentum and gravity. This is our story. The truth is, we've all got a story. We've all witnessed an undergarment-based offense. Chances are many of us have committed one. Even scarier, you may have unknowingly committed one....more

Where Rachel Zoe, Shapewear, and Marianne Intersect

Confession time: I love shapewear. Okay, maybe that's not much of a confession. After all, I like to joke that I am Southern, and Therefore I Girdle. Even so, shapewear sometimes feels like a dirty little secret, all bandage-y and quite possibly the opposite of sexy. So, with my love of shapewear out in the open, it should come as no surprise that when I was approached to review the new line of Jockey Shapewear, designed in collaboration with the amazing Rachel Zoe, I leaped at the chance to try it....more

Rachel Zoe and Jockey Announce Shapewear That's To Die For

Let's just get it out there. I'm not a shrinking violet who is short and skinny. I'm not sure how almost everyone who meets me for the first time gets that idea. In fact, I'm 5'10", a size 18 and proudly sport a double G. I'm not happy about any of this, but it's who I currently am. I also wear shapewear almost every day, for so many reasons: 1. I feel supported. Carrying double Gs isn't easy and I'll take all of the lift I can get. A properly fitted bra with the right shapewear can take pounds off of your appearance and help your clothes wear better....more

Jockey Meets Rachel Zoe: Amazing New Shapewear!

Ladies. I have found the secret to looking fabulous. Let me introduce you to the absolute most fab line of shapewear and intimates ever, Rachel Zoe's "Must Haves" from Jockey. I do a lot of reviews, and I am not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this one. I was thinking hmmm... Jockey huh? I haven't bought anything from them since... well I don't even know when. Well that was until I tried on my most favorite new wardrobe items. Holy moly, where have these been all my life. First lets talk shapewear....more

Sponsored Review: Jockey Tummy Short

When I was first contacted about doing a review of Jockey's new shapewear line, done in collaboration with Rachel Zoe, who considers what we wear underneath our clothing to be just as important as the outer clothes themselves, I must admit I was pretty geeked about it! I'd never worn shape wear, but had started wondering about it over the last year or so, as I have (or have had) some clothes that did not agree with my hips and behind, or have not been in the mood to wear a thong, but dreaded the potential panty line....more