Rachel Zoe and Jockey Shapewear

We all know (and worship) Rachel Zoe, right? Well, heads up because she has partnered with Jockey to create a new line of shape wear! I know what you are thinking: Rachel is so tiny! How does she know what a woman's body needs? Well, my friends, I am here to tell you. Rachel designs a very successful women's clothing line that is both flattering, gorgeous and on trend. She knows how a woman's body is shaped. And guess what makes that shape even better? Shape wear! Team Jockey-Zoe is a genius move because together they are able to marry style, comfort and function....more

Jockey Makes Shapewear a “Major Must Have”

Whether it’s to apply a little control on the waistline or a clever visual trick to make your curves appear in all the right places, shapewear and undergarments are your best bet to a night of “Seriously?! It’s like you’re photoshopped!” compliments. Regular TBF readers know how much I love shapewear, so when I heard of a new line of, uh, packaging, from Jockey, personally curated by a style maverick Rachel Zoe, I knew I had to see for myself how the product stacks up against the tight (couldn’t resist, sorry) competition. Check out the review after the jump....more

Getting My Groove Back with Shape Wear

If you've been hanging out around these parts for the past year or so, you might remember all the fun I had with Jockey back in 2011. Like those yummy robes I gave away, or how they sent me to Blissdom, & the Tim Tebow ad on the side. ::swoon:: I've been a Jockey girl since Harrison was born, when I was desperately perusing shapewear before I headed back to work, hoping for something that would help contain my post-baby belly. Jockey was the best, giving me great support while being breathable enough for me to eat a more substantial lunch than a piece of celery....more

Rachel Zoe Major Must Haves for Jockey

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive some goodies to try out from Rachel Zoe's Must Haves for Jockey! The combination of Jockeys comfortable, high quality apparel and Rachel Zoe's style was right up my alley! Rachel's selections include intimates-panties and camisoles- and shape wear. I have to say these items did not disappoint! How cute are these intimates?! Leave it to RZ to pick fun trendy prints and the perfect flirty lace detail for the boy shorts. Each piece is made with breathable, soft cotton spandex, perfect for all-day comfort. What more could you ask for?!...more

"Have You Tried Shapewear Yet?"

I was a little late on the shapewear bandwagon. I put off buying it for a few years just because I figured it would be horribly uncomfortable and add another "layer" that would defeat the purpose and make me sweat. Boy was I wrong. I bought my first piece of shape wear this past summer because I needed something to wear under a fitted linen dress I bought from Banana Republic. It was perfect for that dress and eliminated any chance for panty-lines. I didn't love the fabric, and had trouble with silkier dresses riding up since the fabric was not smooth....more

Shapewear I Love: Rachel Zoe for JOCKEY

If there's one thing that I'm on a seemingly endless search for, it's that of comfortable and functional undergarments that won’t change my body shape (which I’m learning how to feel more comfortable with as I age) drastically. I can't tell you how many times I've come across a camisole that seemed to fit perfectly in the store, only to wear it and spend the next 12+ hours pulling it down after it budged it's way up. And shapewear?...more

The Argument for Shapewear: A Review of Jockey's New Line with Rachel Zoe

As you know from a previous post I wrote on wearing the right bra, I'm pretty passionate about undergarments. This includes shapewear. Yes, shapewear. Some women view shapewear as "their little secret," and that's totally fine with me, but if you've never worn it before, I'm about to make the argument for why you should consider it. Shapewear can benefit all body types---from making dresses and skirts skim better on the body to smoothing out your curves. I also use slips underneath certain skirts that have a sheer lining (like my navy blue lace skirt from Zara)....more

Review and Giveaway: Jockey Preferred by Rachel Zoe Collection

BlogHer recently contacted me and asked if I would like to try out and review a curated line of shapewear and intimates from Jockey that are “Major Must Haves” according to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. I didn’t have to think twice about saying yes. I respect Rachel Zoe’s business decisions and partnerships, Jockey is known for quality yet budget-friendly intimates, and I believe quality shapewear can transform a woman’s figure and how her wardrobe works with her body....more

Goodbye Muffin Top (Jockey review post)

NOTE: This post contains multiple up close photos of my postpartum muffin top. You have been warned. So here's the thing. After giving birth to baby Sawyer almost 3 months ago, my entire midsection area has been... How shall I put it? Lumpy. Squishy. Saggy. Bloated. It certainly hasn't helped that nursing has resulted in a feeling of extreme hunger at nearly all hours of the day, and my mass consumption of carbohydrate rich food hasn't done my waistline any favors. ...more

Rachel Zoe’s “Major Must Haves” Shapewear from Jockey... OMG, DIE!

I have to admit that I didn't own any shapewear until BlogHer offered to let me try out Rachel Zoe’s “Major Must Haves” from Jockey. It's not that I don't necessarily need it but I never actually think of it as an option. If a dress doesn't look good on me when I try it on, I just don't buy it. If my lady lumps happen to show through the fabric of a garment, I'll pass on it. On a day to day basis, I don't really want to feel constricted in tight clothing either, so it was just not an option for me....more