Joe’s Journey: Stuyvesant to Princeton to Hell and Back

By Joe College Student

“Anxiety and stress do not mix well. I was just not functional. I dropped out of Princeton, my dream school, and moved back home with my parents.

A psychiatrist diagnosed me with depression and gave me a prescription for a psychotropic drug. The side effects of the drug were intolerable. He stopped the drug and gave me a different drug. I had suicidal deviation. The side effects from the second drug were also debilitating. I had had enough. I used to be a happy-go-lucky guy with a bright future ahead of me.

Grandad, my retired grandfather told me to read the “The Book of the Century”-- “The  Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds” by Sharon Rose Sugar. I only like to read mystery thrillers. No one reads this stuff unless a professor makes you read it.

He then tried to talk me into it by telling me it was chosen as the “Book of the Month” by the Alma Public Library in Wisconsin. Librarians don’t fudge the facts. But the truth is I read the book because I love my grandfather and I want to make him happy.  And he is not happy seeing his grandson depressed and drugged by well meaning but misinformed psychiatrists who behave like pill-pushing prescription drug dealers. They handout psychotropic drugs with dangerous side effects like its Halloween candy. I then suffered from my depression and the side effects of the drugs.

One chapter into the book, I could not believe that I am a mere statistic. There are thousands of college students who are anxious, stressed, and depressed with suicidal tendencies. I called Ms. Sugar, met with her, and mastered her new learning technology, ACANDY Processing Tools. I learned how to eat properly, get adequate sleep, manage my time, and ace my tests. She wrote the book to help students like me, and I wrote this letter to say thank you to her and to help other college students. I plan on sending this letter and book to President Obama for Christmas.”